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Lakes and Creeks...

Eli Creek: Eli Creek is the largest freshwater stream on the eastern coast of Fraser Island and only a short drive from your accommodation at Yidney Rocks.

Eli Creek is a popular swimming spot for children and adults alike with many enjoying a float down the creek to the beach banks.

For those who do not like to swim - there is a scenic board walk straddling the banks.

Four million litres of water flow from the mouth of this stream onto the beach and into the ocean every hour, so care should always be taken when crossing in a vehicle.

Lake Mackenzie: The blues and greens of the lake are spectacular.

Lake Mackenzie is a 'perched' lake, which means it contains only rainwater, no groundwater, is not fed by streams and does not flow to the ocean. The sand and organic matter deposited on the base of the lake form an impervious layer which prevents the rainwater draining away.

The sand here is pure, white silica and is not only beautiful to look at but feels beautifully soft to walk on. The sand acts as a filter, giving the water its clarity and helping to make the water so pure it can support very little life. Enjoy a swim or relax on the beach here.

Lake Wabby: Trek across Hammerstone Sand Blow from the beach to swim in the fresh water of Lake Wabby – an oasis in a desert.

Lake Wabby is a barrage lake and is formed when moving sand dunes block a watercourse, “window” lakes are formed when a depression exposes part of the water table. Lake Wabby is 11m deep.