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Fishing News


Fishing Fraser Island is an ever changing experience that can be both rewarding and challenging.

Whether you are chasing surf beach fish species or you prefer the calm waters of the western beach, Fraser Island can provide your own piece of paradise to test and refine your skills.

Many adult return visitors caught their first fish on Fraser as children and return to recapture the thrill year after year.

Bait selection is important and local knowledge can assist so ask our onsite managers what they are biting on. Gathering of beach worms and pipis can be successful right along the 122 kilometres of our pristine beach.

Reading the beach includes searching for gutters, drop-offs and sandbanks which can each give you clues on where that special fish with your name on it is waiting to be caught by you.

There are dozens of different species of fish caught from the shoreline on Fraser Island. Tailor can be landed year round but in season i.e. July to October school up in large numbers attracting large numbers of fishermen and fisherwomen. Other plentiful species include Bream, Whiting, Flathead, Dart, Trevally, Tarwhine and of course Jew (oh yeah).

If rock fishing is your choice Fraser has a number of Rocky outcrops including Poyungan Rocks, Ngkala Rocks, Yidney Rocks, Indian Head and Waddy Point. Beach conditions can change the exposure of some of these areas so again local knowledge will help.

If you happen to get a windy day on the surfside you can always head over to the western side. There are a many options including Moon Point, Wathumba Creek and Woralie Creek. Whiting, Bream and Flathead are the most common species caught.

There are always plenty of open spaces on Fraser so pick your spot put your line in the water and you never know what you are going to get.

Let’s hope it’s a big one!